Is the Book of Revelation obscure because we do not understand it or because we misunderstand it? This study will walk you step-by-step through the last book of Scripture. In uncertain times such as ours, Revelation anchors us in the hope of Christ and gives us abiding peace and joy.

The Book of Revelation is one of the most difficult books in all of Scripture.

The 47 talks that make up this library cover the 22 chapters of the Book of Revelation. Each of these talks is at least one hour long, some even longer (excluding questions and answers which are also included). On average, we spend about 2.5 hours per chapter and nearly all these chapters are short. This gives you an indication of the depth and level of details of these talks.

By listening to this podcast, you will once and for all be rooted in the Tradition of the Catholic Church since we follow in the footsteps of the Father and, more often than not, arrive at similar conclusions. Interestingly, we did not do that because the Fathers told us so; we did it simply because the coherence of the whole of Scripture led us in this direction and confirmed the wisdom and great knowledge kept safe for us by the Catholic Church.

These talks are the fruits of 10 years of study and they are laid out in a specific order to help you integrate the different parts of Scripture into a cohesive whole. While not covering all of Scripture this library of talks will enable you to understand why Scripture is one book and not a collection of writings.

The Book of Deuteronomy is Moses' commentary on the Law given in Leviticus. Here, Moses gives his farewell address to Israel, expressing both his love for his nation and his hopes and fears for its future.

Deuteronomy is the companion book to Leviticus. Together, they provide us with a set of wide-ranging laws that govern the liturgical, sacrificial, familial, and civil life of Israel under one main heading: "Holiness unto the Lord." Yet, Moses knew how deeply flawed the nation was. Forty years in the wilderness has given him a profound understanding of the human condition and has made him acutely aware of its tendency to sin and to stubbornly refuse to surrender to the will of God. But forty years of companionship with the Lord has taught him about the surpassing love of God, his patience, his forbearance, his care for his people, and his great mercy.

By studying the Book of Deuteronomy we gain a deep insight into the mind of the great man of God, Moses, and listen to his voice echoing through the centuries, filled with the wisdom of God and his mercy. Indeed, Moses is a foreshadowing of the Lord Jesus Christ, and by listening to the voice of Moses, we are better prepared to listen to the voice of the Master.

This in-depth study of Deuteronomy will help you to:

  • Better appreciate the importance of daily examination of conscience.
  • Develop a greater love for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and
  • Grow in the knowledge of the Pentateuch, so essential for a proper understanding of the New Testament.

The Catholic Foundation Library is a definite prerequisite to a sound understanding of Numbers. It serves as a basis for grasping the way Scripture functions end-to-end. 

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